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Tailor made shipping and transport solutions for green coffee. (and other food-and agriculture commodities)

Amongst the different verticals mastered by Sealogis Freight Forwarding, food and agriculture commodities are one of the fields of expertise of our group. Our “ food en agriculture “ department is able to propose customized shipping solutions for FCL, groupage or even temperature controlled transport.

A team of experts is at your service to assist you on import and/or expert shipment and even the management of your entire supply chain of green coffee. From origin to port, from port to vessel and from vessel to the final coffee roaster. Each part of the trajectory is well designed by our experts and their mission is really to offer the optimal technical and economical shipping solutions.

  • A dedicated team of 15 experts
  • An experience of plus 20 years in the field of green coffee logistics
  • A warehouse with 18000M2 dedicated to the storage of green coffee, fully compliant with the ISO quality standards
  • A performing WMS solution guaranteeing correct inventory management and traceability of each individual lot.

Inbound managament and storage in bonded warehouse (bags, big bags and bulk):

  • Stripping containers
  • Palletizeing on warehouse pallets
  • Weighing
  • Sorting out
  • Sampling
  • Comparing shipping and cargo marks with shipping documentation
  • Claim management and bonification en case of damage

Storage and distribution of green coffee:

  • Cargo release towards coffee roasters
  • Order picking and prepartion (euro pallet exchange, shrinkfoiling, loose bags, bulk )
  • Loading operations (bags, big bags, silo-bulk trucks)
  • Customs formalities ( full clearance, bonded)
  • Deliveries / transport
  • London stock market transactions (via guardian)
  • Export

Corporate contact person

Caroline Roujolle